Infrared Case Study

This series of infrared thermograms present an interesting example of how infrared examinations can be used to retain existing roofing and insulation while helping a building owner to remain in code and save money at the same time.

This roof was a 15-year-old epdm where ponded water permeated through the sheet itself, despite sound lap integrity. This roofing dynamics client saved over $500,000.00 from previous quotes.

all thanks to a roofing dynamics infrared survey!

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Starting at rear of Area B; Note the reflections of equipment. 

The roof is actually dry in this area.

Wet area; upper and lower insulation

Most of the roof is dry, represented by blue/dark

Small 10x10 wet area

Dry areas near skylight

Wet near goosenecks

Area E – board patterns

Clear Upper Board pattern surrounded by lower wet insulation

Overview Area G – 10x10 wet area near cross joint

We save the majority of the dry insulation and removed only the wet.

Dry everywhere; Note hot ventilator

mild reflections in background

Large goosenecks (for orientation)

Reflections, but dry insul once more

Wet lower insulation

Mild damp area

Another wet area near vent; Note board patterns

Clear board patterns, Area B – in valley

Mild damp spots Area C

Panning across Area F

Area G (typical)

Again, this insulation is dry.

Lower Roofs – (typical)