Infrared Thermography

What Is Infrared Technology In Roofing?

The infrared camera measures heat loss. Executed almost strictly at night, the thermal image shows damaged insulation or other subsurface anomalies below the roof mat. Wet insulation loses its “R” factor, or thermal resistance, heats up more than the surrounding dry insulation, and appears to glow in the camera. Other anomalies such as deep cracks and interply moisture also register in the camera’s field.

Roofing Dynamics combines this technology with sophisticated moisture meter probes and core analysis. It is imperative that all areas of wet roofing be removed since normal hygroscopic reaction will damage any new roofing placed over top as well as can damage the deck, even concrete, and cause deck collapse.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Moisture Survey?

  • Locate leak-causing areas

  • Save money by eliminating unnecessary repairs

  • Facilitate a preventive maintenance program maximizing roof life

  • Identify location of wet roof insulation to eliminate heat/cooling loss

  • Evaluate a new roof’s water tightness

  • Determine pre-existing problems for a plan to buy or lease

  • Provide documentation for future work