Liquid Membrane

Big problems and a small budget? We might just have your solution…Pourable “Single Plies”

Not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill coating, a Pourable Single Ply is a roof system that can save you huge labor dollars! In essence, Pourable Single Plies set up and become your new membrane. They reflect heat, sun & UV rays to reduce cooling costs. This smooth, bright clean, seamless and watertight roof protection has excellent adhesion and can be applied to:

  • EPDM/Single Ply

  • Modified Bitumen

  • Built Up Roof

  • Metal

  • Concrete

Some roofs with complicated details or tough locations present few other alternatives. We can certify that you roof is a candidate for this process.

Be a hero for your organization

  • Stop Leaks

  • Save 75% off your re-roofing anticipated costs

  • Add 15 years of life to your roof

  • Receive a comprehensive warranty