Solar Panels

Thinking About Solar Panels To Offset Energy Costs? Tax Incentives Making It More Affordable?

Stop and consider:

Has your roof been properly inspected by a neutral accredited firm prior to panel installation? The solar provider may have conflicting interests with you, the building owner!

You need a watchdog so trust Roofing Dynamics to write the proper specification!

Roofing dynamics will inspect & analyze your roof, insulation & decking.

New regulations require a thicker roof membrane, one designed to last as long as the 25 year pv panel service life.

Roofing dynamics will make recommendations based on your roof's needs after analysis.

We specify after considering load, drainage, warranties, equivalent service life, and site orientation (shade).

Roofing dynamics will evaluate any limitations.

Will the addition of solar panels affect your building code requirements? Roofing dynamics consultants are certified by the nrca in rooftop photovoltaic/solar panels to ensure you are up to code with design guidelines that encompass fire codes, along with astm standards.


A roof system's primary function is to provide for water-tightness. However, the roof is also a platform for:

  • Water tanks

  • Hvac equipment

  • Antennas

  • Electrical equipment

  • Plaza decks/vegetation

  • Pv installations

Call roofing dynamics before you deal with the "solar" people!